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Welcome to the StatusWiki: your source for documentation on the web.

Status Developer Documentation

Build Status
Find the latest nightlies or build Status yourself
Make a DApp
Create your very own mobile DApp
Make a Bot
Build your own serverless chatbot
Add your DApp or Bot to Status
Get your DApp included in Status by default
Read Our Full API Docs
A full list of Status API endpoints with examples
The first place to go when you have questions
Find an Issue
How we make issues in our repos easy to find
The Status Network Whitepaper
A detailed strategy towards mass adoption of Ethereum

Status Open Bounty

Learn More
Find out about open source tools that incentivise open source collaboration
See How Status Uses Open Bounty
Get insight into how we dogfood our own products
Testing Open Bounty
Guidelines on how to test Open Bounty
A FAQ dedicated to Status Open Bounty
Payout flow
This describes the sequence of events happening once a PR for an issue with a bounty was merged by repo maintainer
View All
View all articles in this "Open Bounty" category

Technical Community

If Ethereum is a World Computer, then Status aims to be an Operating System
We also have a mission and some core values
Founder’s Statement
Curious about what our founder thinks?
Read Our Principles
We share, therefore we are
Adhere to the Code
Keep it simple, honest, and open
Help Us Translate
We want Status to be available in all the languages


If you are having trouble contributing to the wiki here is the place to start. If looking for specific information, try using the search box to the top right. Also please remember that if you are not part of the team, your edits will need to be moderated before they go live (to prevent abuse and spam).