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Status - a Mobile Ethereum OS

Status is a free (libre) and open source mobile client targeting Android & iOS built, entirely on Ethereum technologies.

Thanks to the new protocols Ethereum has introduced, there's a whole new ecosystem of applications being developed that are completely decentralised (also known as DApps), and Status aims to provide a user interface to access them. These decentralized applications remove the need for middlemen and centralised servers, providing a clear path forward towards an internet where users get to own their own data, and an economy built on permissionless, open protocols.

It is our belief that messengers are evolving into a new type of OS, and are becoming gateways to our economies and social lives. Status uses messaging as a platform, and by combining both a messenger and a browser we are building a gateway for everyday smartphone users to begin using DApps, and a simple way for DApp developers to reach new users.

Status runs go-ethereum directly from your mobile device, providing a mobile Ethereum node in your pocket!

We'd love for you to join our community, and be a part of this exciting journey.

Getting started with Status


We believe in a medium of free interaction, economies with permissionless fair-access and a world without parasitic intermediaries. - We want to create protocols and policies that can scale, from small interactions between friends and groups to truly global communication. At the heart of our belief is the ability for individuals to communicate securely without being inhibited by legacy systems or antiquated beliefs. - We want to empower everyone to take control of their digital lives and responsibility for their own data. We want the way we conduct ourselves privately and publicly to recommend itself to a mass audience; and for the tools we build and the way we use them to improve the lives of everyone. - We want deep insights into our societies and our own economies so we can make informed, data-driven decisions on what truly makes lives better. The Ethereum blockchain distributed applications, Swarm and Whisper, provide us with a clear path forward.

If this interests you, help us make Status a reality - We welcome anyone to contribute and we need everyone at any skill level to participate.

How to Contribute?

Navigate to the Contributing menu item above, join our Community Slack, or choose what interests you:

Give me Binaries!

Currently the fastest way to get your hands on a binary is to join our Early Access by submitting your email on our Home Page, or by building it yourself. We'll be continually rolling out new invites for early supporters of the project, before a public-release once Status is in a more stable state. Nightly builds for Android can be found on our Artifactory.

// TODO GPlay, TestFlight Instructions & FDroid

The Roadmap

Here is our current roadmap, note that the version numbers in this roadmap might not correlate with features as we are switching to a 'rolling release' cycle much like the Linux kernel, instead of feature based releases.

Core Contributors

Jarrad (@jarradh) - Cofounder and Thought Leader.

Carl (@carlbennetts) - Cofounder and Communications & Marketing.

Roman (@rasom) - Clojure and project lead.

Alexander (@alwx) - Clojure ninja!

Andrey (@flexsurfer) - Clojure.

Gustavo (@GustavoNunes) - Clojure.

Victor (@farazdagi) - Golang one-man-army.

Andrei (@andmironov) - Visual design and user experience conjurer.

Anna (@annadanchenko) - Head of QA.

Chris (@pablanopete) - Community Manager.

Special thanks to @adrian-tiberius. Without the dedication of these fine folk, Status would not exist.

Contact us

Feel free to email us at support@status.im or better yet, join our Slack.

Got a feature request or suggestion, download Status and shake your phone, failing that search our Github Issues.


Licensed under the Mozilla Public License v2.0