Mission & Core Values

Join us in putting Ethereum on every mobile device on the planet.


It is our belief that messenger apps are on the path to becoming gateways to our economies and social lives, they have the highest retention rates on user acquisition and more time is spent in messenger apps than any others. This, combined with community and a strategy for mass adoption we believe solves a real problem in the on-boarding of people onto the Blockchain — our favourite being Ethereum.

Blockchains, more specifically public Blockchains, have the potential to restructure the very fabric of our society, and we believe Ethereum provides the clearest path forward towards an internet where users get to own their own data, and economies are built on open protocols. We imagine a future where decentralized applications make central intermediaries and centralised servers legacy systems. We can pave the way towards conversational crypto-commerce.

The Mission

Our mission is to facilitate the transition to a more open internet. Status strives to lower the barriers to entry to interact with Ethereum, and provide an onramp to Web 3.0 for the average smartphone user - whilst at the same time fostering the Ethereum community and showcasing we have to offer.

We intend to employee a strategy that contains three core components: Technology, Community & User Aquisition.



working with dapp develoeprs

User Aquisition

marketing campaigns for dapp developers, user aquisition for mass adoption

Core Values