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Community Outreach & Marketing

Any communications efforts are welcomed, and it's necessary that any contributions that represent Status are closely aligned of our Mission & Core Values. Brand messaging needs to be consistent, honest, transparent and accurately reflect what the project aims to achieve.

Status is not yet ready for mass-adoption, and a clearly defined a user acquisition strategy will be outlined here at a later date. For the time being, contributors interested helping with community outreach should focus on helping to produce meaningful content and spreading the word amongst other blockchain enthusiasts. Some practical tips and suggestions on how you can take part in and help to strengthen our community can be found at the Growing our Community page.

Get Involved

Join the Status Slack and head over to the #community-building channel to share what you had in mind, and bounce ideas.

Guest Posts

Enjoy writing about Ethereum? Come write an article that will be featured on the Status blog.


Contributed to Status or the Ethereum ecosystem? Help us spread the word by being part of an interviews series published on the blog and across social media platforms, like Twitter, Reddit and Facebook.

Quality Assurance

A brand is a delicate thing, and any content contributions require acceptance from within our community before publication. Text content must be stylistically and structually well-produced with no grammatical errors. We'd be happy to help with editing and proof-reading :)