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Welcome to the StatusWiki: your source for documentation on the web.

Please visit the Table of contents for a listing of article categories.

Core Contributor Compendium

Why we do what we do. Read this first.
Development Processes and task allocation.
Requirements and Specifications
Style Guide, UX and Application Architecture
Implementation & Development
Build Instructions, Implementation Details, Gotcha's and Know-how
Deployment Details


Status Application
Overview of functions and features of the Status Application
Frequently Asked Questions
Notable facts and questions documented about mobile software
Developer Documentation
Information on how to get started with development processes
In-depth details about specific Status-React processes
In-depth details about specific Status-Go Processes
Status Whitepaper
The Status Whitepaper, outlines functionalities inside Status for SNT.

Our community

Code of conduct
Guidelines for the Status community
List of DApps
A list of our currently integrated DApps that come default in Status
A short guide on how to edit within the Status Wiki properly
International Communities
A collection of links to all our international communities - Blogs and Social Media
Mission and Core Values
The Status mission and core values
Getting Involved
Common questions and answers about getting involved with our community

The Workflow