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What is a launch 🚀? A launch is a major release of the core app or product, which can also be synchronized with a PR event (e.g. DevCon). The definition of major may seem subjective, but we are all rational people and should define if something is current a launch or simply a new feature or bug fix.

Example of a major release:

  • Status Hard Wallet is for sale
  • Status core application launches out of Beta
  • etc.

The Launch Process


  • Ensure success metrics are being measured
  • Define launch timelines
  • GitHub - update ReadMe for all their products
    • How tos
  • Write up FAQs


  • Update Help Center in Wiki


  • Messaging and positioning
    • Decide on assets and channel support needed
    • Write Brief for channel team (eg. what are we saying, what does the web look like etc)
    • Create social and blog copy and send to Social & Community leads for copy creation and posting optimized to their channel
  • Measurement / Strategy / Marketing Operations Team (Dan Pham?)
    • Help with KPI setting and realistic expectation
    • Show historic performance or expected outcome of particular launches
  • Social
    • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn copy creation (Jesse / Ben / Jonny)
    • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn copy & publishing and tracking
    • Blog posting
    • No posts to be published without final approvals
  • Community Team
    • Responding to community on Riot
    • Riot channel openings and collaboration eg. #WalletChannel
    • Reddit posting and tracking
      • Reddit posting channels;
        • /r/ethereum /r/Clojure /r/ethtrader /r/statusim
    • Dissemination through crypto communities
  • Web Team / Web UX
    • Ensure website is ready and sitting behind a flag in anticipation for launch. This includes all FE changes, bug fixes, DNS config and site tagging
  • Paid Media (Rocco) (if required)
    • Google Search, FB Display ads strategy and execution
    • Tracking / measurement and optimization
  • Automated Marketing eg. HubSpot (New Breed + Jonny and Jesse)
    • Think about user flows
    • Nurture campaigns content by stage/flow
    • Work with design & dev for email templates and tracking
    • Add HubSpot automation


  • Ensure security and privacy reviews have been completed.


  • Legal approval regarding policy, token usage, etc.
  • Approve messaging, naming and assets


  • Press coverage across key publishers
  • Comms doc updated

Launch Tool

Current, Status has no formal "launch" tool. Below are resources for launch checklists