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But why?

  • Well to put it simply, there is no better way for people to collectively contribute to a growing knowledge base.
    • MediaWiki was built to do just that (the fact that it does only that - well, that's a different story...)
  • It will help others, but especially, future you.
  • It will be rewarding.
  • It's actually very easy to do, and the learning curve is very short.
  • Your boss or team may require you to do it (no arguments there).
  • More reasons.

OK, but how?

  1. You need to create an account or (if you have one) log in
  2. Just click the "Edit" tab and you can edit.
  3. Save the page and you're done.
  4. That's it!

But I hate wiki (syntax)

But really, stuff can be just a biiit more complicated

  • If you are part of the team and your edits are not instantly approved, please let us know in the #wiki channel on riot (we will need to add you in the trusted group).
  • You may need to use wiki syntax (a lot).
  • You need to write on-topic.
  • Try to avoid HUGE articles - you can split them into smaller (and more specific) ones.
  • Wrap code inside "pre" or "code" tags like some happy code.
  • Even better, you can wrap the code with syntax-specific tags like:
(def hello (fn [] "Hello world"))
-> #'user/hello
-> "Hello world"
  • Try to use categories and internal linking as much as possible to avoid having isolated pages (no point in them being useful, if no one knows about them).
  • Some content may be based on templates, so please try to keep that standard when adding that type of content.
  • Images can be uploaded directly from the upload button Msu-upload-button.png in the edit toolbar.
  • You can use wiki languages.
  • Videos can be embedded too.
  • References are greatly encouraged.


  • Just create and edit article and others will improve them.
  • Request any help in the #wiki channel on riot.