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This article seems to be out-of-date on 08 June 2018

Adding DApps

During the Alpha we are accepting example DApps as default contacts, to add your DApp to Status, you need to ensure it works on Mainnet and Testnets (Ropsten or Rinkeby) and submit a single commit pull request to status-react with the following:

  • Place a square icon(85x85px or 192x192) of your DApp to images/contacts directory found here . The file should be named the same as your DApp, for example my-dapp.png. Make sure your icon has a colored background, for contrast, and looks good with rounded corners.
  • Add information about this icon to react-native/src/status_im/react_native/resources.cljs, for example:
(def contacts
  {:auction-house (js/require "./images/contacts/auction-house.png")
   :my-dapp       (js/require "./images/contacts/my-dapp.png")})
  • Add your DApp to the list of existing DApps (resources/default_contacts.json):
[    ...,

    "my-dapp": {
        "name" :       {"en" : "My DApp"},
        "description": "My DApp ",
        "dapp-url":    {"en" : ""},
        "dapp?":       true,
        "photo-path":  "contacts://my-dapp"

Note: Icon name and map key in default_contacts should be a lowercase slug based on DApp name. Whitespace should be replaced with a dash and CamelCase names without, e.g. "My DApp" should be my-dapp, but CoolDapp should be "cooldapp".

Default Contacts Requirements

In Status, users will always have the freedom to visit any URL and run any web-DApp they desire

For Default Contacts we have the current requirements: DApps must be functional, mobile-responsive and interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

Also as a requirement at this moment, the DApp must be on a test-network to be added. Current restrictions: Due to unfortunate Store policy, unfortunately we do have some restrictions on which Contacts for DApps we can approve. Gambling & Pornography DApps are currently not accepted. For more details on restriction policy please read this and this

DApps Testing Requirements

In order for the submission pull request to be accepted please add the following questions and relevant answers to the PR:

  • Has it been tested in Status? Mainnet and testnets?
  • Are there any responsive layout issues?
  • Are there any technical issues?
  • Does the Dapp work fully over HTTPS?
  • Is the code open source? If so, please link to the repo

PR's will not be reviewed unless the above has been added. If there are problems please create an issue.

Identify Status Client

As a DApp creator you may want to know if your DApp is running inside Status to show a logo or Status-specific information. To identify the client simply use web3.currentProvider.isStatus which returns true.