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Mission & Core Values

On mobile devices today more time is spent in messenger apps than in any other type of application. Mobile devices will be, and in many cases already are, where people do most if not all of their personal computing. Status is an encrypted and decentralised messaging application that frees users both from third party surveillance and from the mining of the meta data in their social graph.
More than an instant messenger, Status is a platform that allows anyone with a capable smart phone to use decentralized applications (DApps) right from their mobile device.

Join us in putting ethereum on every mobile device on the planet.

The Mission

To achieve our mission we intend to employ a strategy that contains three core components:-

Technology, + Application + Blockchain Community + Developer + Users User Acquisition / Mass Adoption.


Developer / Contributor Community

User Community / Aquisition

Marketing campaigns

+ DApp developers, 
+ User acquisition for mass adoption


Core Values